Who is Sterling Specialty Chemicals?

In 2020, Sterling Specialty Chemicals was born. Our site was formerly owned and operated by Baker Hughes. Sterling has retained a large portion of personnel through the transition and has added new faces and roles to boost our capabilities and effectiveness. Though our name is new, we are a fully capable and seasoned chemical manufacturer. As part of the Artek Industries family, we have many sister companies in chemical manufacturing that circle the globe, a wealth of knowledge and expertise is at our fingertips, along with many satisfied customers. Our mission is to grow and diversify our business and retain customers by delivering your product on time and on spec.

Dedicated Engineering support team at the ready to bring your product online on-time

We Are The Industry Leading

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At Sterling Specialty Chemicals, we have extensive reaction, blending, and packaging process capabilities. Our strategic objective is to be a premium supplier in every product line and in every geography to compete based on superior customer service and operational excellence supported by world class technology and innovation.

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